Our mission is to empower, teach and support families who have children with disorders. We believe intervention is most successful when it is tailored to the individual needs of the child, with the support and involvement of the family.

Workshops and Trainings

We provide workshops and trainings in a variety of areas. Specialized workshops can be created upon request for a variety of audiences. Some samples of past workshops/trainings include:

• Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
• Executive Functions
• Communication Problems in ADHD
• Basic Neuropsychology
• Nonverbal Learning Disorders
• Child Neuropsychology
• Seizure Disorders
• Spina Bifida & Nonverbal Learning Disorders
• Tourette’s Syndrome: The Tourette’s Triad
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children & Adolescents
• Dual Diagnosis: Is it Depression or Delay?
• Behavioral Management Strategies for Developmental Delays

Parent Training

Parent training courses include Mindful Parenting, with other formal courses currently in development (including a children’s mindfulness group and Kid Yoga). Training for individual family and parent needs is provided as necessary, as part of the therapeutic goals for individual or family therapy.

Independent Medical Evaluations/Attorney Consultation

Dr. Clausen has over 15 years of experience in providing Independent Medical Evaluations and consultation for medical-legal issues. Representative cases include traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, learning disorders, and other developmental disorders or issues arising from developmental conditions.

When conducting Independent Medical Evaluations, Dr. Clausen provides:

• Management of all preliminary paperwork including parent/guardian permissions, information releases and attorney or other facility contracts.
• Personal contact between Dr. Clausen and the parent(s), as well as the child’s teachers or other caregivers as appropriate.
• Gathering information from all relevant people and professionals in the child’s life, including, but not limited to, parents and other family members, teachers and healthcare professionals.
• Administration and scoring of all psychological tests and all neuropsychological measures required for clear diagnosis and data presentation.
• Extensive and detailed review of pertinent medical, educational, and other treatment records.
• Incorporation of all information and integration of complex history, findings and results into a clinical report that summarizes all of the information gathered. This includes relevant background information, behavioral observations, test results and recommendations based on the results.

Expert Witness Testimony

Dr. Clausen provides independent, trusted, professional Expert Witness Testimony in the state of Minnesota for lawsuits and other legal proceedings involving children, adolescents, their parents and representing attorneys.

As an experienced clinician, Dr. Clausen has excellent educational and professional credentials to assist parents and attorneys involved in complex legal-developmental cases. Coupled with her deep compassion for people in need and her strong commitment to justice, fairness and the well being of every client, Dr. Clausen strives to offer the direction and clarity necessary to provide guidance toward the best solution for each client’s circumstances.

Dr. Clausen’s Expert Witness Testimony services include:

• Management of all preliminary paperwork including releases of information and commitments for reimbursement.
• Personal contact between Dr. Clausen and the attorney, the parent or guardian, and all other relevant caregivers for the child.
• Neuropsychological evaluation, including administration, scoring and integration of all testing measures necessary to produce a clear diagnosis and specific recommendations.
• Full preparation for testimony including extensive review of all pertinent records and sessions with attorneys.
• Sworn testimony based on the results of the IME, including direct and cross examinations through deposition or court appearances.

As an independent evaluator and expert witness, Dr. Clausen consistently provides articulate, clear, concise and objective information. She brings integrity and professionalism to each child’s case. For additional information, please give us a call.