Our Team

Dr. Holly Clausen, Ph.D., L.P.

Dr. Holly Clausen is a pediatric neuropsychologist who began seeing patients in the St. Cloud area in 1996. She initially worked at St. Cloud Hospital and continues a professional association with the hospital. Dr. Clausen quickly gained a reputation for providing extremely thorough, thoughtful evaluations of children and adolescents, as well as being able to provide results to families, schools and professionals in a comprehensible and practical manner. Licensed by the state of Minnesota, Dr. Clausen has been in private practice since 2001 and in January 2010 opened a new clinic, Developmental Diagnostics, LLC. The new clinic has an exclusively pediatric population, although some young adults with developmental disorders are evaluated as well. Dr. Clausen has bachelor’s degrees in psychology and music from Jamestown College in Jamestown, North Dakota. She completed her master’s and doctoral degrees in a dual degree program specializing in clinical and developmental psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. During her graduate training, Dr. Clausen did research and specialized training in the development of brain functioning. She also completed specialized clinical practica placements in pediatric and adult neuropsychology. She completed an internship and served as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota Division of Pediatric Neurology.

Dr. Clausen provides thorough, neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental assessments of children of all ages from infancy through early adulthood. She also provides assessment services to adults with developmental disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome or other genetic or developmental disorders. Children who can benefit from this type of assessment include those with traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders, genetic disorders, chronic medical conditions, developmental delays, attention, learning and behavior problems, as well as children who present complex psychological, medical and behavioral profiles. Assessment of the impact of psychological, emotional and social issues upon a child’s functioning is also an important component of the neuropsychological evaluations completed by Dr. Clausen.

Dr. Clausen has considerable experience in teaching and public speaking. Seminars she has presented include Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children, Neurodevelopment Disorders (including Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Seizure Disorders in Children, and various topics on ADHD and managing difficult behavioral or emotional problems. She has provided professional supervision for psychology interns as part of an accredited internship program, and has also served as a private supervisor. Dr. Clausen also taught Introductory Psychology and Developmental Psychology to undergraduates as an Adjunct Professor at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph.

Recently, Dr. Clausen developed a conflict resolution program for grade school classrooms designed to help groups of children (who were experiencing interpersonal problems and bullying issues) learn how to manage and resolve conflict in ways that are productive and assertive. Dr. Clausen worked directly with children in the classroom to help resolve long-standing communication and interpersonal conflicts. Dr. Clausen has also completed training in mindfulness techniques and has added this component to her practice through teaching mindfulness strategies to parents and children as a way to decrease stress and anxiety levels.

Kristen Math, Child Therapist

Kristen joined our practice as a full-time Child Therapist in December of 2015, after completing a 6-month internship in counseling and neuropsychological assessment with us. She administers and scores neuropsychological assessments, provides individual and family counseling, and writes neuropsychological reports. Kristen is passionate about helping children, adolescents, and young adults who struggle with issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Posttraumatic stress disorder, and Selective Mutism. She teaches social skills and utilizes play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and narrative therapy to empower her clients and improve their functioning.

Kristen has an expansive background and education. She has an MA from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Counseling and Psychological Services, an MS in Molecular Biology from the University of Florida, and a BS from the University of North Texas in Psychology and German. She studied Psychology for one year at Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, where she engaged in a 2 semester practicum at the university’s psychiatric hospital. Kristen has past experience as a Montessori Assistant Teacher and served as Adjunct Faculty at St. Cloud State University for Biology, where she taught lab classes and supervised teaching assistants.

Kristen volunteered for one year as a research assistant working on understanding the impact of PTSD on relationships at the Minneapolis VA Center. She has acted as a Peer Support Person for the Pregnant with Cancer Network.

Kristen has also been published. Her publications include:
• 2014 A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.
• 2008/2011 Surviving Residency: A medical spouse guide to embracing the training years.
• 2002 Chemical rescue in catalysis by human carbonic anhydrases II and III. Biochemistry.

Samantha Goldsmith, Psychometrist

As the Psychometrist for Developmental Diagnostics, Sam is responsible for the administering and scoring of psychological and neuropsychological tests given to children coming to us for evaluation. Along with testing, she records behavioral observations that are integral to any potential diagnosis the child may receive. It is vital that testing be accurate, valid, and standardized to ensure that Dr. Clausen has the essential data needed for her assessments. Making a connection and maintaining a good relationship with the children is a necessary skill Sam brings to the office, ensuring that each child is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Sam is a 2015 graduate of St. Cloud State University where she earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology. While attending college, she worked as a childcare teacher, gaining experience working with children of all ages. She was responsible for creating lesson plans, classroom management, and maintaining a safe and fun environment for learning. Sam finds fulfillment in helping children reach their full potential and is a great asset to our office.

Rose Tacheny, Office Manager

Rose keeps our day-to-day office activities running smoothly. She is the initial contact, explaining the process, creating patient files, collecting and maintaining records, and scheduling appointments. Rose assists with billing, insurance tracking and collections and other administrative tasks. She holds a Masters in Science Management and a Bachelors degree in Medical Technology with experience working and consulting in hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

As for the business side of running an office, Rose is a certified tax preparation specialist for Federal and State filing and has experience managing Internet businesses.

Rose enjoys working with children and coordination of volunteer activities. She directed a church youth education program; served as co-chair/treasurer for St. John’s Prep School Parent Association and manages her community road association.

Rose enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with family. We are so excited to have her as part of the team.