Consultation services for families, children, schools, court-appointed services or other treatment programs are available. The purpose of consultation is to determine initial goals for treatment and then to map out a course of action, which may include assessment, therapy, and referrals to other professionals.


• Individual therapy consists of 1:1 provider-client interactions with children and adolescents who have a variety of issues, including autism spectrum disorders, reactive attachment disorder, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Parents are encouraged to be available for involvement to help report current concerns and progress.

• Family therapy includes the child or children and parents as a group to work on issues including family communication, behavioral management, and mindfulness training. Strategies for emotional regulation, listening, conflict resolution and problem solving are utilized.

• Therapy with young adults includes 1:1 interactions between the individual and the therapist. Mindfulness based stress reduction, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal techniques are utilized as needed.

Program Management

We are currently developing programs to add a mindfulness-based approach to parenting skills, teaching children mindfulness skills, and implementing these techniques into systems such as schools or other settings. We offer consultation to teachers or school systems who wish to incorporate mindfulness based strategies into their daily routines.